I admit, I'm kind of alarmed by how grown-up Seth Rogen looks like in these new photos from The Guilt Trip. It's not that I don't think America's most beloved stoner isn't capable of growing up-- in fact, in this year's indie Take This Waltz, he made a really believable husband to Michelle Williams's character. But Seth Rogen is around my age, and seeing him turn into a grownup onscreen means that--gasp!-- I'm turning into one too.

But so far my trip into adulthood has yet to involve a road trip with Barbra Streisand, so thus far Rogen has one up on me. In the new photos from The Guilt Trip, which debuted at USA Today, you can get a look at the beginnings of the cross-country trip that unites mother and son in probably much, much tighter conditions than they're used to. Click on either of the two images below to see the full gallery over there.

In the article that accompanies the gallery, Rogen refers to the movie as "a story about a guy who is trying not to be really annoyed by his mother all the time"-- and who can't relate to that. Rogen also calls his co-star the "blueprint for every Jewish mother I've met over the last 30 years," which is probably true. Streisand has been an icon for Rogen's entire life, and it's not hard to imagine women his mother's age growing up idolizing her, like pretty much everyone else has at some point or another, Jewish or not.

The Guilt Trip is being directed by Anne Fletcher, who made 2009's smash hit rom-com The Proposal, and could easily have another big hit on her hands here. No it's not a big spectacle like a lot of December's other most anticipated releases, but I'm going to be looking forward to this one anyway.

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