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Christopher Nolan is no stranger to viral marketing, having made a huge impact with the Dark Knight campaign. Now, the beloved director is going down that same road with his next film Inception, which opens July 16th.

The techies over at Wired received a mysterious book in the mail titled Dream-Share Tactical Employment Procedures. The manual is heavily redacted, leaving only the titles of each chapter and a website towards the end Sharpie-free. This is more than likely the step-by-step guide to what Leonardo DiCaprio's character does in the film, penetrating the mind of a mark and properly extracting the target knowledge.

Following a link leads to an interactive handbook for the PASIV Device used to neutralize victims for easy extraction of information from the subconscious. Following the arrows to the end of the handbook will present you with a quick "click here" sort of step-by-step guide to using the device and then dumps you to the film's main viral site mind-crime.com.

It's all very neat and super mysterious, but I feel like something this advanced is selling a movie to people who are already salivating on their IMAX pre-order tickets. Covert marketing like this won't hit the masses the way big posters of Joker and Harvey Dent will, and while these manuals are really cool and full of interesting images, I feel like it's a little bit of a wasted effort.

Check out a few of the pages below or head over to Wired for the full monty.