The new trailer for Bridesmaids that debuted today at MSN's UK site contains a lot of the same jokes we've seen already, which in some ways is a good thing-- the worst thing is when a comedy reveals all of its jokes in the trailers and leaves nothing to surprise you in the final product. But notably it has more Jon Hamm, who plays the fairly classless guy that Kristen Wiig's character sleeps with occasionally, and get some great lines in the opening scene of the trailer.

Watch it for the Hamm, stick around for Melissa McCarthy's claim to be "double-jointed" in front of an airport bathroom, and continue to look forward to what looks like it could be one of the comedy highlights of the upcoming summer. If you're in the United States pay no attention to the date listed at the end of the trailer-- the movie comes out June 22 in the UK but more than a month earlier in the U.S., on May 13.

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