A new Japanese teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception debuted recently on Japanese television and has since found its way online along with a series of Inception production photos. It was all shown in an interview with Ken Watanabe (whom we recently learned is The Tourist) and the trailer itself is decidedly Watanabe focused.

The trailer also offers a few new pieces of footage and maybe even clues to what’s going on. It seems to suggest that Watanabe is DiCaprio’s employer, he’s the man they’re working for to steal dreams. At one point in the teaser he says “In my dream, you play by my rules.” Here’s the trailer:

A series of production photos which debuted along with the trailer were picked up over at Nolan Fans. This one in particular is worth your time:

Note just who it is laying on the floor around Levitt. Before we’ve seen his character manipulating the unconscious bodies of people in the dream, but this time, if you look closely, you’ll notice that those unconscious bodies are actually several of the movie’s main characters. That looks like Leonardo DiCaprio asleep on the left against the bed and I think that’s Tom Hardy and Ken Watanabe unconscious at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feet. For me the big question here isn’t so much why they’re unconscious as why isn’t Levitt?

Here’s a few more of those new Inception photos:

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