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As expected, Sony Pictures released a trailer for The Karate Kid just a few days ago, and today released an international trailer to complement it.

For a movie like this, it's hard not to wonder just what it is about the American trailer that can't be shown to the international public, or what we're missing by being here in the States. Mostly both trailers are just shots of kicking and Jaden Smith looking “determined,” so why the two different cuts?

As much as it may hurt your inner child, you might have to accept the fact that this movie looks pretty good. I'll always contest that Jaden Smith doesn't fit the role even a little bit, but he seems to have fully committed himself to the training, and next to this new side of Jackie Chan we're seeing, it could be something quite surprising. Are we in for a remake that might actually be great? Time will tell, but for now they're on the right track.

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