Drew Pearce has never actually written a produced full feature film before, but already he making himself a big part of the blockbuster world. He and director Shane Black teamed up to write the script for the upcoming Iron Man 3, which will be in theaters next May, and now he’s landed a sweet gig at Legendary Pictures working on the new version of Godzilla.

Sources have informed Variety that the up-and-coming writer has been hired to draft a re-write of the new monster movie, which is being directed by Gareth Edwards. While the studio is very excited about the work that has been done – and were particularly thrilled with the reception the teaser trailer got at San Diego Comic Con – the big task they have given Pearce is to “age up” the characters. Apparently they already have an idea of “the prototype of the actors they would like to target,” and want to make sure that the characters are appropriate. Earlier drafts of the script were penned by David Callahan, David Goyer and Max Borenstein. Pearce is being given a four-week window to work on the screenplay.

Honestly, this all sounds like positive news for Iron Man 3. Pearce is also working on the script for Sherlock Holmes 3, which means that he got the Robert Downey Jr. stamp of approval, and the fact that other studios are taking an interest in him means that he could be gaining a reputation. We’ll have to wait and see how they all turn out.

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