What Mystery Project Could The Rock Be Making With Shane Black?

If there’s an award for being the hardest working man in show business, we might very well give it to Dwayne Johnson. It seems that The Rock is always working on something. The man is currently filming a Baywatch movie, while in pre-production on a Jumanji reboot. That’s not all, however, as the most electrifying man in all of entertainment is now checking out a new project that’s being directed by Shane Black, and while there are a couple of very obvious choices as to what it could be, and we wish Rock was doing both, we think The Rock may be on board with Shane Black’s Doc Savage (though we wish he was getting ready for The Predator).

Today’s short essay on Instagram from The Rock is all about him finding a place to get his work done while on location. The image attached, shows a little make shift desk out in the country surrounded by screens and papers. The part that has us the most interested, however, is his statement about what he’s currently viewing on his tablet.

On the iPad I'm reading an outline for a cool movie I'll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black) and when I get tired and need a lil' pick me up, the shaker cup holds a special shot of energy - Elk piss.

Shane Black, whose newest film The Nice Guys comes out Friday (and is awesome by the way), has a pair of films on his docket going forward. One is The Predator, the newest entry in the ongoing franchise, and the other is an adaptation of the pulp magazine hero Doc Savage. As much as we wish that The Rock was going to lead The Predator, the timing on that simply doesn’t work. Rocky says that he’ll be making the film in 2017, and according to the info that we have, The Predator will begin filming this summer, with a release date in March of 2018. Based on that schedule, the film should be spending pretty much all of 2017 in post-production, which won’t require The Rock to do much work.

What’s more, Dwayne Johnson says he’s reading an outline, not a script, which would almost certainly be the case if he was looking at The Predator. We know Shane Black and Fred Dekker have been working on the script. Even if it’s not finished, there’s almost certainly an existing draft.

However, all the reasons that make The Predator an unlikely choice are points in favor of Doc Savage. As The Predator does not appear to be planning to do much filming in 2017, that means Shane Black’s schedule will be free to work on something else. We haven’t heard anything about there being a script for Doc Savage, so that explains why The Rock is only looking at an outline. What’s more, we know that Shane Black wants Dwayne Johnson for the title role. It appears that he may have got him, too. The Rock doesn’t say he’s "considering" making a movie with Shane Black in 2017. He says it’s happening.

It is, of course, possible that there’s a third option. A project we’re not aware of that the two are going to work together on. If that’s the case, then we hope that Shane Black and The Rock can setup some kind of long term partnership, because we still want to see him in both The Predator and Doc Savage.

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What do you think? Is Dwayne Johnson working on The Predator, Doc Savage, or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments which one you’d rather see him in.

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