It's hard to brush aside cynicism long enough for the phrase “teaser for a trailer” to be said without shaking a tight fist at promotional materials that resemble the inner workings of Russian stacking dolls. But when the teaser is for a film that looks as beanstalkingly badass as Jack the Giant Slayer, one forgets what cynicism is.

Warner Bros. released a 30-second clip that teases Jack's second trailer that’s apparently going public on Monday, February 11. The first trailer for the film succeeded in winning most of my confidence back on what I thought would be a terrible entry in Bryan Singer’s film career. And this short preview, on average, gets just as much adrenaline surging, and makes the actual second trailer all the more exciting. This doesn’t make it any less cheap an advertising ploy, but at least it did what it intended to do. See if you agree after watching the video below.

Following proper teaser procedure, it barely shows anything beyond the actual beanstalk rising from the ground, but boy does that beanstalk look amazing. Singer and his crew really know how to make their visual effects come alive, whether it’s CGI or practical effects.

I love the use of the Deftones’ song “Tempest” over the shots of magic beans and Ewan McGregor’s hair, though the lyrics are a tad on the nose in delivering the trailer’s message of “This isn’t your grandmother’s Jack and the Beanstalk!” It’s obvious they’re taking cues from the more violent folk tale "Jack the Giant Killer", but it’s not going to be as gory or severe as that one was, so they should just avoid any comparisons altogether. You can find the giant-sized trailer here on Monday, but you'll have to wait until March 1 to see the film in theaters.

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