Jackie Chan's Career Gets A Little More Depressing With New Spy Next Door Poster

Here’s a little black rain cloud to darken your day. A brand new, utterly depressing poster for Jackie Chan’s latest movie The Pacifier… er I mean The Spy Next Door. This was already a pretty depressing project, the generic action hero does family movie scenario which will probably be the nail in the coffin of the once great Jackie Chan’s career. Vin Diesel still hasn’t really recovered from his toe dip into this land of bullshit. With Jackie it’s at least understandable. He’s not getting any younger and pulling off real stunts is probably beyond the ability of his arthritic bones. Still, this movie will suck. I guarantee it.

The new poster doesn’t really help. The spy hanging from wires thing hasn’t been cool since 1999 and little kids in spandex is just goddamn creepy. The only thing worse than this movie existing would be this movie making a lot of money. You never know, American loves awful crap like this. Weep for the fate of mankind below:

Josh Tyler