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Jackie Chan Signs On For A New Untitled Action-Comedy

Even though he's now approaching 60, Jackie Chan shows no sign of slowing down. Working as an actor since the 1960s, he has over 100 films credited to his name and it's rare that a year goes by without him adding at least one new title to his resume. His most recent movie, 1911, which he also co-directed, was a war epic about the founding of the Republic of China and he recently completed work on the action-adventure film Chinese Zodiac. And it looks like he'll be sticking with the lighthearted stuff for his next project as well.

THR reports that Chan has signed on to star in a new English-language action/comedy. Though the film doesn't have a title yet, Jay Longino is attached to both direct and write the script. Chan helped develop the story as well, which will see the Chinese star play a detective who goes on the hunt for a gambler that owes money to the Macau casino syndicate (sounds a bit like Midnight Run, no?). They are looking to go global with the production, shooting in Hong Kong, Macau, Eastern Europe and mainland China. The project is described as a two-hander, meaning that we could see another A-list star nab a major role, likely that part of the gambler. The article doesn't say when they are aiming to start production.

Chan's most notable action/comedy co-stars are Chris Tucker (the Rush Hour franchise) and Owen Wilson (Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights), but who do you think that he should be paired up with this time around? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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