Javier Bardem On Playing Skyfall's Oddly Sexual Villain

From the moment Javier Bardem first appeared in a trailer for Skyfall, his villain already seemed unforgettable. With bleached blond hair and a sharp white suit, Silva was the kind of baddie that Bond has wrestled with for ages, powerful and a little bit crazy and prone to plots that are less logical than fantastic to watch. But when you see Skyfall it's also clear that Silva is like no other villain Bond has faced before. He's coming into the film with a personal agenda against M, and instead of wanting to take over the world, he simply wants to watch her hurt. Also, is it possible he has the hots for Bond?

Bardem won an Oscar for creating the iconic villain Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men, but as Silva he may have actually topped himself, running through Skyfall with such energy and charisma that you actually miss him when he's offscreen. But of course, when I asked Bardem about all the fascinating layers he brought to the character, he actually had the audacity to claim "It was all there on the page." You can decide if you believe him or not by watching our conversation below, in which I ask about the already infamous scene in which he caresses the Adam's apple of a tied-up Bond, any fears he might have had taking on another big villain performance, and what makes his character so ruthless and driven.

Skyfall, as you probably know by now, is in theaters everywhere. You really ought to go see it.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend