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Provided Terrence Malick's Tree of Life ever does actually get released, it may very well make a star of Jessica Chastain, who stars in the top-secret film as Brad Pitt's character's wife... probably. No one really knows what the movie is about, but that's our best guess. As Tree of Life constantly lingers in Malick's editing room, though, Chastain has a back-up plan. THR reports that Chastain will join Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Fields, which you may also know from its original production title The Texas Killing Fields.

Though Chastain's character is Worthington's ex-wife, she's not just some chick lingering in the background as a moral conscience; like Worthington's character, she's a homicide detective working separately from him but with the same goal to track down two killers. The whole thing is set in an area of coastal Texas dominated by oil refineries, and given that Tree of Life was filmed in east Texas as well, Chastain will be back on familiar ground.