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Jodie Foster's Elysium Villain Revealed In New Photos

Jodie Foster suddenly found herself back in the public spotlight and in gossip pages with her instantly famous speech at the Golden Globes, in which she all but announced that she was gay while emphasizing the importance of privacy and keeping your business for yourself. It was a rambling, heartfelt and warmly received speech, the kind of thing you can only pull off when you're a Hollywood legend and picking up an award honoring just that.

And though we wouldn't dream of assigning cynical intentions to her speech, it did come just in time to remind the world how much we love Jodie Foster just 8 months before the release of her next big movie, Elysium. Foster is incredibly selective with her roles, acting just 4 times in the last five years, but somehow District 9 director Neill Blomkamp convinced her to take a major role in his follow-up film. The first trailer has yet to emerge, but an unofficial look at Foster in costume has emerged online through the Twitter feed Simply Jodie (via Bleeding Cool). Take a look below.

Having seen a glimpse of Foster in the Comic Con footage they showed last summer, that is indeed her look-- though of course these on-set snaps, perhaps for the hair and makeup department, don't really capture the intensity of the character on film. I interviewed Foster at Comic Con as well, and she revealed to me that her character is French, the leader of an international colony called Elysium that floats above the ravaged earth. Matt Damon is the man left on earth who might have the power to unite the two worlds. Elysium comes to theaters on August 9, and you can click here for pretty much everything else we know about it.

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