John Cusack And Nicolas Cage In Talks To Go Head-To-Head In The Frozen Ground

The number of similarities in the careers of John Cusack and Nicolas Cage is fairly surprising. Both got into the business at a young age, both come from families with a strong presence in the entertainment industry and both are immensity talented but occasionally find themselves taking on roles that should be below their standards. Despite this bond they've only ever starred in the same film together once - the ultimate guilty pleasure movie Con Air. Sure, Cusack had a cameo in Adaptation but that doesn't count. Finally, after 14 years apart, they are coming back together, according to Deadline.

The website has learned that both stars are currently in talks to star in The Frozen Ground. Written and directed by Scott Walker, the film is based on the true story of Robert Hansen, an Alaskan man who kidnapped women, set them free in the wilderness, and hunted them down. It is estimated that Hansen killed between 17 and 21 people. Cusack would play Hansen, who was seen my his friends and neighbors as a good man and talented hunter, while Cage will play an Alaskan State Trooper who finds one of Hansen's escaped victims and works with her to track him down. The film will be Walker's debut.

In a way this is kind of a reversal of the pair's Con Air roles, Cusack having played the cop and Cage the criminal in the Simon West action flick. That's probably where the comparisons will end, however, as this will likely be a much darker story. Color me interested.

Eric Eisenberg
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