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Remember the leaked paparazzi image of Johnny Depp on the set of Dark Shadows? I mean, how could you forget it. The photo, which showed up online two weeks ago, showed Depp looking like some horrifying cross between Michael Jackson and Edward Scissorhands, done up in pale white makeup and wearing a purple fedora and green coat that seemed stolen directly off a flashy Batman villain. What on earth was Tim Burton trying to do to his favorite movie star this time? And how were we going to allow this to happen?

Then some level-headed people reasoned that, because Depp is playing a vampire and was photographed walking around in the daylight, this might be a getup his character Barnabas Collins wears in order to walk around safely in the sun. And if you made that bet, prepare to collect-- Entertainment Weekly has posted the first official image of the Dark Shadows family, and Depp is right there in the middle, looking not quite normal, but not like a ghoul either. Take a look below and click for the larger version at EW:

As EW points out, this is more like the "aged little boy" look of the original star of the Dark Shadows soap opera, Jonathan Frid, who you can see next to Depp in the image above. The strange thing is that, even though Depp is clearly the star of the movie, he's thrust into the back of the portrait, easily overshadowed by Michelle Pfeiffer and Jonny Lee Miller up front, and even Helena Bonham Carter seated on the far left, in an orange wig and makeup that seems borrowed from Harry Potter's Dolores Umbridge. Sure they might be downplaying the presence of the movie star for now, but you can bet that won't happen when Burton starts to sell Dark Shadows to the general public before the movie's release on May 11.

The EW story also includes a rundown of who all these characters are-- though the story centers on the vampire Collins clan, not everyone in this photo is undead-- so head over there for the full scoop on the characters played by Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green and more. Now that this looks more like The Addams Family than another surreal Johnny Depp-Tim Burton adventure, are you more likely to see this next summer?