We reported pretty enthusiastically last month that Judy Greer, the actress known for roles both comic (Arrested Development) and more heartfelt (last year's The Descendants) had signed on to play the gym teacher in Carrie, the new planned adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel. After reporting it we were told by the studio's reps that no casting decision had in fact been made, so we had to put our enthusiasm for Greer on hold for a little while.

Now, apparently all the contracts have been signed, and the news is free to get out there at last. MGM has confirmed today that Greer will indeed play the sympathetic gym teacher Miss Desjardin, and that Portia Doubleday has also been confirmed as Chris Hargensen, the girl responsible for a lot of teasing and suffering Carrie endures, including the famous bucket of pig's blood dumped on her at prom. While you'll have no trouble recognizing Greer thanks to her extensive film and TV work, Doubleday is more of a newcomer; she appeared opposite Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt, and more recently was on the short-lived TV series Mr. Sunshine. You also won't have too much trouble believing she's able to torment Carrie, played by Chloe Moretz-- Moretz is a 15-year-old playing pretty close to her actual age, while Doubleday is 24.

With Kimberly Peirce set to direct and Julianne Moore also starring as Carrie's obsessive, not-quite-all-there mom, Carrie is all set to go into production this summer in time to meet its March 15, 2013 release. We still don't really know how it can hold a candle to Brian de Palma's original adaptation, and Sissy Spacek's unforgettable performance as Carrie, but the cast is strong enough so far that we at least want to see how it turns out.

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