Now, dear readers, we present you with your WTF moment of the day. Variety is reporting that actress Juliette Lewis is finishing up a documentary she is producing about her own career as a rock musician. This comes as a shock because most of us had no idea that Juliette Lewis had a career as a rock musician. Apparently the documentary, co-produced by the team behind Martha Marcy May Marlene, will focus on both of Juliette’s bands: Juliette and the Licks as well as The New Romantiques. Seriously, what?

As an actress, Juliette Lewis was the darling of the 90s. She burst onto the scene in 1991 with an Oscar-nominated performance in Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear. She then proceeded to scare the hell out of audiences with her turn in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. If nothing else, you’ve probably seen her in the 2003 comedy Old School or might remember a younger Lewis as Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I’ve never been a big fan of Lewis the actress, but I recognize that she is talented.

But where in blazes did Lewis the rock singer come from? She doesn’t exactly have the most dulcet of voices so it’s hard to imagine listening to her sing is a pleasant experience. In the article, Lewis compares her vocal styling to that of AC/DC, which only raises further questions as to who would endure one of her concerts. While there is no mention of an album ever having been released by the actress-turned-rocker, she’s apparently had hundreds of gigs including a spot on the Warped Tour. You can check out an example of her vocal stylings below:

This documentary project smells of a harebrained public relations stunt more than anything else. One wonders if maybe Juliette was a bit attention-starved and decided to force herself back into the public eye by making a documentary about herself, a egomaniacal undertaking no matter what the motivation. She refers to her love affair with music as a “joyful middle finger to the world” and that’s what she wants to share with audiences. Well gosh, thanks for sharing, Juliette. Lewis is hoping to have the documentary finished in time for Sundance.

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