The years of cable and satellite’s domination over TV-viewing consumers is slowly getting balanced by a host of new plans that allow customers to pick and choose the channels they want to subscribe to, whether it’s network-specific like Showtime’s upcoming service or a broad grouping like Sling TV offers. Chances are, you’ve given some thought about what channels you would want if you got to choose it a la carte style, and a recent survey offered some fairly surprising results about what options the majority of people would choose.

According to a new report from Digitalsmiths, which surveyed over 3,100 people in the U.S. and Canada, here are the 20 networks that topped the list, revealing some choices that I never would have expected. Particularly the one at the bottom of the list.

20. ESPN
Biggest Draws: Sportscenter, Monday Night Football

I had ESPN as my choice for top cable network a while back, so its place at #20 kind of floored me. Maybe people just prefer to watch live sports on other networks rather than endless amounts of coverage. What's happening here?

19. FX
Biggest Draws: American Horror Story, Fargo

With Sons of Anarchy no longer around to bring the network massive ratings, it’s possible that some people don’t view it as a must-have channel anymore. But with Kurt Sutter’s new show The Bastard Executioner and the AHS spinoff American Crime Story coming, I’m betting more people would miss the channel if it were gone.

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