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Katherine Heigl To Star In And Produce Face Blind

Last year, Milla Jovovich starred in Faces in the Crowd, a direct-to-DVD thriller that nobody saw. In the movie, Jovovich's character is attacked by a serial killer and left with a rare psychological condition that prevents her from recognizing faces. This, of course, becomes a problem when she can't identify her attacker and he comes after her to finish the job. That film only debuted on home video in October, but apparently that's more than enough time for the folks behind Katherine Heigl's next project.

Deadline is reporting that Heigl is now attached to star in Face Blind, a movie with almost the exact same plot as Faces in the Crowd. Like Jovovich's character, Heigl is also stricken with the affliction - which, in medical terms, is called Prosopagnosia - only in this film she is a psychologist being stalked by one of her crazy patients. While she knows the trouble that she is in, her husband is convinced that she is losing her mind. In addition to starring, Heigl will also produce the project, along with Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray. The script was written by Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri and is described as being similar in tone to the Nicole Kidman horror film The Others. The article doesn't mention if a director is attached at this time.

The actress' most recent film, the Janet Evanovich adaptation One For The Money, came out last weekend and was torn apart by critics (it currently has only one good review on Rotten Tomatoes out of 37 entries) and opened at number three at the box office, pulling in only $11.5 million.

Eric Eisenberg
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