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With Star Trek Into Darkness now playing all around the world and making its midnight debut last night in domestic theaters, J.J. Abrams has been keeping very busy. In addition to balancing all of his television projects and dealing with pre-production details on upcoming movies - such as, for example, the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VII - the filmmaker has been traveling around the world with the cast of the new sequel, talking with press and promoting his latest movie. But no press tour would be complete for a superstar like Abrams without a stop on Howard Stern's couch.

This week the director did just that, and you can listen to the 35 minute interview in the YouTube embed above as Abrams talks about all of the details of his career and filmmaking with Stern, his crew and fellow guest star Jimmy Kimmel. It's an interesting listen, as he not only talks about his work on Star Trek (mentioning that he has never been to a convention among other details), but also details about the Bad Robot offices and the process behind producing new television shows. It turns out he just hasn't had enough time to sit down and watch every episode of Fringe, but it's equally fascinating to hear how Warner Bros. starting turning his name into a brand from the very beginning.

Star Trek Into Darkness is now in theaters and already performing well, pulling in $3.3 million from midnight screenings. Click HERE to read Katey's four-star review, and be sure to check out our full gallery of trailers and stills.

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