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Exodus Film Group isn't exactly considered a giant in the world of animation-- they're no Pixar, of course-- but they got their start with their first animated feature Igor last fall, and now they'll be back with Bunyan & Babe, an adaptation of the classic folk tale about the lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, Babe.

MGM will distribute the film, which features the voice of John Goodman as Paul (of course!) and Kelsey Grammer as a property developer trying to take over the town of two kids. MGM President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution Erik Lomis said in the release, "What Exodus has with Bunyan & Babe is a new spin on a classic story. It is always a pleasure working with a company that is making this type of accessible family entertainment and we look forward to distributing this film."

Will Bunyan & Babe be the kind of animated movie that adults rush out to see? Probably not. But people with kids and fond memories of Paul Bunyan from elementary school may be glad to see the return of a favorite folk hero.