Man Of Steel's Faora Revealed In Action Figure Form

You know the story. A child from the dying planet of Krypton is sent to Earth. There, he is taken in by a kindly married couple, and raised on their farm. As a man, he seems a meek journalist and everyman. But he is no ordinary man. He has immense strength. He has unbelievable speed. And he can fly. He is Superman. Zach Snyder and company know this is enough for many movie fans to turn out for his Man of Steel and so have only been giving glimpses of the superhero movie that's angling to dominate June.

So far, Snyder's offered us several shots of Henry Cavill in the iconic Superman costume, and a pic of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, but little else. When it comes to Michael Shannon as the nefarious General Zod, all we've gotten is a fleeting shot in Man of Steel's trailer. But thanks to the 2013 Toy Fair, we now have an idea what Zod's right hand woman Faora will look like. Spoiler alert: she's hardcore. Check out her action figure below, courtesy of MTV

German actress Antje Traue (pictured above on the insert) plays the supervillainess Faora. To date, Traue is best-known Stateside for her role in the sci-fi horror movie Pandorum, which marked her first English-language film. But 2013 could prove a tipping point for her, since she'll follow-up Man of Steel with the much-anticipated adaptation The Seventh Son in October. On top of making her mark in genre cinema, Traue can also take pride in having a badass female action figure in a market dominated by burly males.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th. For more on the movie, including an image gallery and trailers, click here.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.