Marilyn Manson And Evan Rachel Wood Making Slasher Film

If you're still here after that decidedly "who cares" of a headline then more power to you. Slasher films are a delicate breed; so easily terrible, but if done right they can be really great, campy pieces of film art. Sadly, everything about the Variety article announcing this project screams terrible with a heaping helping of pretentiousness mixed in.

Marilyn Manson and girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood are signed on to star opposite one another in Splatter Sisters, written by newcomer Adam Bhala Lough. Lough apparently thinks this slasher movie will transcend all other slasher movies and create a new "Skinemax Cinema" subgenre, which he somehow missed is already the nick name of late night soft porn on those premium channels your parents would never pay for. He then offers no proof or reason for anyone to get on board with this claim, so we can all just assume it's going to be a standard slasher movie with any weird stuff Marilyn Manson might want to mix in there, which will probably be a hefty amount.

The film's producers add a bit of weight to the project in the form of long time producer Edward R. Pressman and the quickly up and coming David Gordon Green, who recently gave us Pineapple Express. No director is announced as of yet, and with Green's schedule as filled as it is we can assume for now that it won't be him.

Don't take my negativity as me writing this project off completely, but I smell a movie trying to be too serious for its own good and failing miserably because of it. I do like what Marilyn Manson does on a stage in a strange and artistic way, but putting him on screen just seems like it will not play very well. We'll let you know when more cast is added and when we start to see clips and trailers role out. I have a weird and curious need to see just what comes of this.

Here's a taste of what happens when Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood are on screen together.