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Matthew Vaughn Planning A Retired Superhero Movie After Declaring Genre Dead

Matthew Vaughn is apparently content to do nothing but superhero movies from now on. His first one was Kick-Ass last year. Right now he’s working on X-Men: First Class. Now he says his next movie may be another superhero movie. This time it's about heroes in their twilight years.

Vaughn tells Deadline that his next big project is The Golden Age, a movie about a superhero retirement home. The title is also a reference to the early days of comics in the 30s, which is often referred to as the “golden age”. The idea doesn’t have backers yet, but Vaughn says there’s at least one major Hollywood studio eager to fund the film. Keep in mind that they don’t even have a script yet, just an idea, but Matthew Vaughn isn’t one to wait around for the script. In fact he’s already looking to casting, with the intention of getting big names attached to the idea before they write anything.

Who does he want involved? Vaughn sees the project as a fit for the likes of Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty. They’d be embroiled in a plot involving retired heroes who help out their grandchildren after their parents screw things up. Basically, Matthew Vaughn wants to make RED with superheroes. He even admits that movie had a lot to do with this idea, saying it paved the way for oldsters to start kicking ass.

For now this is just an idea, an idea which Matthew Vaughn may not even direct himself, if it even happens at all. Interestingly enough this is the same Matthew Vaughn who, just a few months ago predicted that superhero movies were over and that the genre was all but dead. Now here he is, launching into yet another superhero project.