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With Bridesmaids being a massive—and much needed—hit for Universal, the studio is desperately seeking to make a sequel. (Financially, they'd be fools not to at least try.) But when word broke that the film's star and co-writer Kristen Wiig wasn't interested in pursuing Bridesmaids 2, speculation arose that Universal would move on without her. While there have been rumors that Universal may still be attempting to woo Wiig into returning, Universal has begun to explore an alternative approach to a Bridesmaids sequel, one that would focus on the comedy's breakout, quotable character Megan, who was memorably and masterfully played by bold and brassy comedienne Melissa McCarthy.

However, McCarthy has thrown a major wrench in Universal's works by declaring to E! that she would "never" be a part of a Bridesmaids sequel that did not include Wiig and her co-writer Annie Mumolo. When asked about her involvement in a possible Wiig-less sequel at the Palms Springs International Film Festival gala, McCarthy exclaimed:
"God, I wouldn't want to..I would never want to. I think it's a terrible idea."

She went on to say she hasn't been contacted with any specifics on the project, but would only consider reprising the role of Megan if its original cast and writers returned, saying, "I will show up wherever those ladies are." Without McCarthy on board (and by extension Wiig and Mumolo) it's hard to imagine where Bridesmaids 2 could go storywise. Hopefully this means Universal will abandon the project completely--unless they can somehow wrangle Wiig and company--rather than try a spin-of sequel that's a mere shadow of its source material. Instead, let's hope that Universal finds inspiration from Bridesmaids not in a franchise, but in the fact that an original script with a talent but less-than wildly famous cast can be a massive draw as long as its fresh and above all funny.