In Pixar's beloved animated adventure Monsters, Inc., professional scaring team Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sully" Sullivan are the very best of friends. But where did this deep bond of brotherhood and beastliness form? Well, that question will be the subject of the upcoming prequel Monsters University.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman are back, reprising their roles as Mike and Sully. And as the first teasers show, these two furry friends were at odds long before they were best buds. In the way of many buddy comedies, the pair initially hated each other on sight, but they are all smiles on the latest promo poster, viewable below thanks to Fandango:

Along with the poster, Fandango got an early look at some of the film's footage and reveals some new plot points in their article. While Mike and Sully are studying to be scarers, they get into some mischief that gets them kicked out of the prestigious program. From there, they join a fraternity of misfit monsters called Oozma Kappa. This band of sinking scarers join together to get up their thrill quotients, and along the way forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

If you're looking to revisit Mike and Sully's feature Monsters, Inc. before Monsters University's debut, Disney's raising the stakes—not to mention ticket prices—by unveiling a post-converted 3D re-release of the film right before Christmas. Fandango got a look at how the film's climactic door traversing scene plays in 3D, and called the depth of field "extremely impressive," adding it "should make for entertaining viewing." Will it be worth the cost of admission? Check back for our To 3D or Not 3D feature closer to Monsters, Inc. 3D release date on December 19th.

Monsters University hit theaters June 21st, 2013. Learn more about it by checking out our Blend Film Database .

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