One of the key reasons that I disliked The Hangover Part II as much as I did was because of Mike Tyson. It was bad enough that the entire plot was just a copy and paste job from the first, but bringing Tyson back for absolutely no reason was really the last straw (not to mention the way that he was used - as the musical performer at Ted's wedding - was just dumb). Since it was announced there would be a Hangover Part III we've been praying that Todd Phillips and crew would find a new story to tell with the same group of characters and that it would be completely different than the last two, but there is one element that will be sticking around.

According to Yahoo!, Mike Tyson recently appeared on the Dan Patrick radio program and confirmed that he will have a part in The Hangover Part III. For those that don't remember, the "Wolf Pack," played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, first encountered Tyson (who plays himself in the films) when they broke into his palatial Las Vegas home and stole his Bengal tiger. It was recently reported that the three main stars will be getting a $15 million payday for doing the film. Production on the third Hangover movie is going to begin this year in Los Angeles with Todd Phillips once again returning to direct. The project is currently aiming for a release date on Memorial Day weekend next year.

I'm really hoping that there's no actual deal in place and that Tyson is merely either speaking off the cuff or is just assuming that he will be back for the next movie. Whatever the situation turns out to be, I just hope that he's wrong.

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