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Has something (or somethings) finally come along to slay Jurassic World? The latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise has been ferociously eating up box office revenue like its that nameless background actor who is the first to die in the Indominus Rex cage. Even Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL could not withstand its mite, but could the lovable Minions take it down? They’ve been able to defeat all the most villainous baddies throughout history — inadvertently, of course — so why not the highest-grossing movie of the summer after four weeks at the top of the charts.

According to Deadline, Minions, the spinoff of the Despicable Me franchise, is revving up for a big opening weekend at the box office. The film already debuted overseas in 26 markets, including Spain, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia. Since then, it has banked more than $125 million at the international box office and ranked no. 1 in 15 of the markets. There’s nothing stopping the minions from having the same success in the U.S. when their film debuts on July 10.

Minions is dropping just after the release of another animation giant: Inside Out. The Pixar film, which featured the five emotions living inside a young girl’s head, made an impressive splash, but it didn’t have enough audience interest to push out Jurassic World from the no. 1 spot. Minions, seemingly, does, however. The Despicable Me franchise, though Minions will only be its third installment, has been steadily increasing its box office numbers since the first film debuted. Despicable Me 2 earned more than $970 million worldwide, while the first earned $543 million worldwide.

Minions tells the origin of this lovable band of Twinkie-looking henchmen who have served renowned villains throughout history, including Dracula, the tyrannosaurus rex and Napoleon. Of course, they are not the best at their job, and their hilarious antics usually involve the total demise of their masters. In Minions, we focus on three of these creatures — Kevin, teen rebel Stuart and Bob — set out into the world to find their new boss. But where do they go for such a tall order? How about the big supervillain convention? There they meet Scarlet Overkill, who has the voice of Sandra Bullock and the self-destructive charisma of Tony Stark. She’s the first-ever female villain (which is another big, pro-feminist selling point for this film), and she just could be the one this trio has been looking for.

Though Inside Out is a Pixar movie, the original concept wasn’t easy for many audiences to grasp, especially when looking at the early marketing materials. With Minions, the subject matter is pretty straightforward and it already has that large built-in audience. So, if you’re not heading into the chaos of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, you have a decent alternative.

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