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Anyone who's ever been to Comic Con knows there's a million stories to be told in that crowd, from the teen girls waiting in line with their moms for 24 hours for a glimpse of the Twilight cast to the die-hard comic collectors who remember the Con when it was just a few hundred people in a room somewhere. We've all probably thought about what a great documentary it would all make-- but because we're not Morgan Spurlock or Joss Whedon, we never actually made it happen.

E! Online is reporting that the stunt documentarian behind Super Size Me and the geek icon behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be teaming up this summer to make a documentary about Comic Con, following a select group of fans starting three months before the con, and leading up to the big four days in San Diego. They're apparently looking all over for their ideal subjects, so if you've got your Stormtrooper costume or your Spock ears handy, go ahead and start preparing your audition tape.

It's honestly hard to imagine a better pair to take this project on--Spurlock the pop documentarian with a taste for the funny and absurd, and Whedon the geek millionaire both revered by his fans and clearly one of them as well. I look forward to attempting to work my way into this movie come Comic Con in July.

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