Jim Henson’s Muppets have gone through periods where they have put out a lot of content and other periods where they have stayed under the radar, but they have always maintained a fondly remembered place in popular consciousness thanks to appearing in a variety of formats, including television, movies, Disney installations, and even comic books. The Jim Henson creations have been in the news more recently in recent years, thanks to the 2011 film starring Jason Segel and written by the actor, along with Nicholas Stoller. Now, to celebrate the 35 years since the Muppets’ onscreen journey began, Disney is releasing a special edition Blu-ray version of the 1979 flick The Muppet Movie that will hit shelves on August 13.

The Muppet Movie Blu-ray

Walt Disney Home Entertainment’s cover art hails the set as “The original classic,” but this time around fans will be getting the classic film in bolder and brighter picture. The movie has been enhanced for High Definition for the first time, and if you have kids who love The Muppets, your kids will probably love The Muppet Movie just as much. You need go no further than “Rainbow Connection” to figure out why.

The humor of the Muppets has always been on point, and this humor shines as part of a rollicking adventure story during The Muppet Movie. Originally released in 1979, the film tells the road trip adventure of Kermit and his pal Fozzie Bear, who head West hoping to find fame and fortune in Hollywood. Along the way, they meet up with the rest of the gang, including Miss Piggy, who is gaga for Kermit.

There won’t be a ton of extras with the set. Disney’s Second Screen feature will be available, as well as some “never-before-seen” shared content, although the company has yet to elaborate on exactly what the latter will be. Still, purchasers of The Muppet Movie’s 35th Anniversary set should be buying the film for the adventure story and the cleaned up picture rather than the bonus content. God knows how long it'll be before this pops out of the vault, again.

The Blu-ray news comes just a few days after The Museum of Moving Pictures announced a special Muppets exhibit and just a few months after we learned a few new details about the upcoming movie featuring the loveable pieces of felt.

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