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Mysterious New Blog Gives Behind The Scenes Access To The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Back when summer began over Memorial Day weekend, the internet lit up with chatter about an apparently pirated teaser trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which lingered so long online without a takedown notice from Sony that rumor spread the studio may have leaked the trailer themselves. You can't pull off the "fake leaked trailer" gambit twice, but Sony may once again be piquing our interest by masquerading as something more underground with Mouth Taped Shut, a Tumblr that purports to be a Dragon Tattoo fan site but which features behind-the-scenes stuff no regular fan would have access to.

What kind of stuff? Oh, video of David Fincher sitting behind the monitors on set, for one thing. You can take a look at that below:

There are also evocative shots of both what appear to be the set and production offices, spanning both snow-covered chairs and editing room screens. I especially like this one, which appears to be of the missing girl at the center of the film's mystery, Harriet Vanger, along with her cousin Anita:

There's nothing in here that's exactly new to see, but this Tumblr seems worth following for these cool little photos, and who knows what else might pop up on there in the future. It seems likely that this is a Sony-sanctioned site-- you don't get that kind of access without the approval of the people on top-- but for now that doesn't seem to diminish the site's very cool cachet. We'll be keeping an eye on it as we get through the long fall on our way to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo's release on December 21.

(h/t to Slashfilm for digging up the site)

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