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Newest Cars 2 Trailer Spoofs Japanese Television

If you have young children, you might want to put a freeze on your own bank account come June 24. With the release of Pixar's Cars 2, every little rugrat in the world is going to want eight versions of Lightning McQueen, 17 new Maters and 363 Finn McMissiles (each one with a different spy gadget!). Days filled with screaming and crying in toy stores are in the very near future, so why not take a few minutes to preview the source?

Apple has dropped the newest trailer for the animated film, which is bound to clean up at the box office this summer. In the sequel, Lightning McQueen has been entered to compete in the World Grand Prix, where he will be going up against some of the fastest cars on the planet. What's not helping things is that a key member of his crew - his best friend Mater - has been mistaken for an international spy and is on a mission to take down a nefarious villain with a terrifying plot.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Apple.

Also included with the trailer release is a clip that features Mater's first experience with a Japanese toilet. Enjoy!

Eric Eisenberg

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