Could the Muppets sequel make its way in theaters as soon as Summer 2013? If Disney has its way, it just might, but from what Nicholas Stoller says, that may not be a realistic goal. The co-writer of the original film and eventual sequel had some interesting things to say on the progress of the Muppets follow-up.

Collider sat down with Stoller, whose comedy The Five-Year Engagement is due out in theaters later this month. Check out the video below to hear what he has to say about the Muppets sequel:

Stoller and James Bobin have already begun to write the script for the sequel, and it sounds like Disney’s looking to get it made as soon as possible:
I’m not sure exactly when they want to release it. I think it was something like next summer, but I don’t know if that’s…I don’t think that that’s realistic in terms of getting it all together in time. But to want to do it so quickly is great. It certainly makes us want to write it quickly.
While he doesn’t mention anything specific on the premise for the sequel, Stoller describes it as a “comedy caper.”

Anytime I hear the word “caper” with regards to Muppets, I hear the voice of Charles Grodin loudly saying, “Thieves aren’t breathing down your neck!” On that note, a Grodin cameo, perhaps in the form of a brief appearance by the villainous Nicky Holiday, would be as great as an appearance by Jason Segel. That may or may not be too much to hope for, though it sounds like Segel is a possibility, from what Stoller says. It also sounds like there will be an aim to incorporate some elements from the earlier films:
We love The Great Muppet Caper and we love Muppets Take Manhattan and whatnot. So this has some elements of that, but it’s different because it’s in the tone of what James and I like to do.

You can read the full transcript of Stoller’s chat with Collider about the Muppets sequel here.

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