Nicolas Cage As Disney Princesses Is Supercalifragilistic-terrifying


Unlike a truckload of movies in the past 13 years, some things are definitely made better when Nicolas Cage is a part of them. I assume group therapy and charades would be two of those things, but the example we have today comes from Buzzfeed writer Jen Lewis, who entered into some kind of occult offshoot that perfected the alchemy involved in making things wonderful. She created a set of GIFs inserting Cage’s head atop the bodies of many a Disney princess. I’m not the biggest Disney fan out there, and will probably only watch the entirety of its library as my daughter grows up. But I would have all of these movies playing simultaneously if they featured the dramatic wizardry Cage brings to pictures with plots as lofty as Disney animations.

You’d think this would be all about looking at Cage wearing women’s clothing – or in the case of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel as seen above, a bra and tail – but it’s really all about picturing him within the situations that the films put their heroines through.

Cage hanging out with a bunch of dwarves of differing personalities? This one doesn’t even need the witch or the poisoned apple.


Cage involved in a sibling rivalry with a mystical godmother and a vehicle made out of pumpkin? I’d slip some glass on its ankle.


Cage as a sleeping 16-year-old? More Maleficent than magnificent, but still.


A relationship between a hideous beast and Cage, plus Angela Lansbury? It would hold a talking candle to the original without a doubt.


I’d take a magic carpet ride with Cage as Jasmine accompanied by Robin Williams with a genie lamp full of cocaine.


You can click over to Buzzfeed to see the rest of the images. What other Disney films should Cage be a part of? Too bad Bee Movie was DreamWorks Animation. Bees!

Nick Venable
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