This August, you will believe a turtle can ninja. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters courtesy of big-hearted producer Michael Bay and auteurist director Jonathan Liebesman. Everyone’s been eager to see what these new Turtles look like, apparently a mixture of motion capture, practical effects and elaborate black magic. Official peeks at the new Turtles have been hard to come by, but it sounds like fans will get their first chances soon.

Producer Galen Walker took to Facebook to announce that a new trailer was on the way, attached to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That makes the debut April 4th, when Marvel’s star-spangled hero makes his return to theaters, though it will probably be online before then.

This is the first appearance of the Turtles on the big screen since 2007, when they starred in TMNT, a fully-animated adventure. Since then, the characters have retreated to television, but this is Nickelodeon’s biggest Turtle-strike since they purchased the property years ago. Bringing on Bay’s Platinum Dunes as a producer kind of makes the decision as to whether it will be worth it or not to buy a ticket, but they certainly bring a decent track record of financial success with established properties in Hollywood, even if this is the first property from that studio geared towards children under 17.

So what’s it going to look like? Maybe it’s time for a look back on the past trailers for earlier Turtle adventures.

The latest Ninja Turtles debuts August 8th.

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