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El Mayimbe at Latino Review reportedly has a lot of ironclad sources at Hollywood talent agencies, resulting in a number of casting scoops for them well before the trades get wind. But the stuff he digs up, I have to admit, is usually a bit more thrilling than this. He's posted a list of five women who are in the running to play Hal Jordan's girlfriend in the upcoming Green Lantern movie... and it's pretty much the list you would come up with when listing all eligible 30-something actresses who come for relatively cheap.

The five are Eva Green (Bond's ex-girlfriend, unbelievably gorgeous), Keri Russell (something of a curveball, given that she hasn't had a major movie role since Mission: Impossible 3, Diane Kruger (on the rise, fresh off a SAG nomination, generally awesome), Blake Lively (the Gossip Girl chick? Wha?) and Jennifer Garner (poor thing... once a superhero, now your average girlfriend role). There's no information on which of these actresses is likeliest to get the part, or even how far along in negotiations they are, so now's the time to pick your favorite and root for her.

Christoph Waltz already parlayed his Inglourious Basterds success into a plum role as the villain of The Green Hornet, and it would be hilarious and fitting if co-star Kruger also popped up in a superhero movie. Plus Lively is too young, Garner already tied to her own superhero franchise (albeit a failed one), Green is probably too good for it, and Russell, well, she'd be fine too. Is it the Christmas lethargy setting in, or is it just hard to care much about this news?

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