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This week we're incredibly thrilled to have as our guest John Ratzenberger, the iconic star of Cheers and every single Pixar movie, who's joining us to talk about his new TV series "American Made," which is currently launching a Fund Anything campaign. We also asked John to pick a favorite movie to discuss, and he suggested My Cousin Vinny, which gives us the chance to talk about what makes a good Hollywood comedy. We also ask John about his experiences with Pixar and one last thing he has to say about Cheers. Come for the behind-the-scenes stories about Cliff Clavin and John Lasseter, stay for the French accent and Jacques Tati references. All that plus a lightning round about-- what else?-- your favorite movies that involve drinking.

To get the scoop on John's "American Made" and its campaign, you can click here.

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00:00-00:57 Lightning Round

1:46 - 14:35 "American Made"

14:56 -29:25 John Ratzenberger's experiences with Pixar

29:46 - 35:21 Mini-segment: One last thing about Cheers

35:50 - 49:32 Segment 3: My Cousin Vinny and what makes a great Hollywood comedy

49:52 - 53:09 Goodbye!

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This week's music:

"Party In The USA" by Miley Cyrus
"Where Everybody Knows Your Name" by Gary Portroy
"Wise Guy" by Joe Pesci

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