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Penelope Ann Miller Employs Jessica Simpson

With Sam Raimi remaking The Shadow some of you might have been wondering, “Hey, what happened to Penelope Ann Miller?” She was Naomi Watts before being Naomi Watts was cool, but she stopped making anything anyone cared about, that’s what happened. While Alec Baldwin’s career survived the flop of The Shadow apparently hers didn’t, since while she’s worked steadily she’s worked steadily on a steady diet of crap.

Well, that’s not about to change any time soon since The Hollywood Reporter says Penelope has signed up for a remake of Working Girl called Blonde Ambition. Jessica Simpson stars as the movie’s obligatory blonde with Luke Wilson, Andy Dick, Rachel Leigh Cook, and Jamie Kennedy rounding out the rest of the cast. Note to Luke Wilson: You’re too good for this.

The one vivacious Penelope Ann will now play Jessica’s pain in the ass boss, as she blondes her way through the business world. That means Penelope Ann Miller is the new Sigourney Weaver and I guess Jessica Simpson is Melanie Griffith.

Miller can next be seen in a movie with Chevy Chase, yes Chevy “movie killer” Chase, in a slapstick comedy called Funny Money due out next year.