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Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has had a number of ups and downs over the last few years, attaching himself to projects before abandoning them a few months later. But here's hoping that this latest film will stick for the director. Variety reports that the Spanish filmmaker is now attached to direct the Pet Sematary remake that is currently in development at Paramount Pictures with Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura on-board.

Based on the chilling novel by Stephen King - who actually adapted the famous 1989 feature himself - the film centers on the young Creed family, a clan living up in Maine (of course). Tragedy strikes when the youngest member of the family, the toddler Gage, is run over by a semi - but that's only the start of the horror. Gage's father, Louis, is unable to contain the grief he feels about his lost son, and despite warnings from his neighbor he buries his child in a cursed graveyard that brings the dead back to life. But as his neighbor tells him, sometimes dead is better.

This is far from the first time that we've heard about a remake, as talks about it go back to 2010. Since then the only director that has been mentioned in connection with the project has been The Hills Have Eyes remake helmer Alexandre Aja, but that was more than two years ago. Bringing Fresnadillo on board is a big step forward for the film, and that's good news or bad news depending on whether or not you actually want the movie to get made.

Fresnadillo popped up on everyone's radars back in 2007 when he made the surprisingly good sequel 28 Weeks Later, but hasn't managed to stay super productive since. While he did direct Intruders in 2011 (the thriller starring Clive Owen), in the last few years the filmmaker has become more notable for the movies he didn't make. At one point he was hired to helm the reboot of The Crow, but that gig wound up falling through, and then more recently he was attached to bring back the Highlander series, but he ended dropping out of that too. Basically, don't be surprised if in a couple months we post a story with the headline "Pet Sematary Remake Loses Its Director."

The 1989 adaptation of Pet Sematary, which was made by director Mary Lambert, is actually one of my favorite horror movies and is filled with some really terrific scenes of terror. Check out a couple clips below as well as the original trailer:

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