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Disney has always had problems with subliminal sexual references in their animated movies. There’s the cloud of dust the Simba kicks up in The Lion King that supposedly spells out sex. There’s the boner castle in The Little Mermaid. There’s Aladdin yelling out, “Good teenagers! Take off your clothes!” But never has a Disney animated feature taken sex head-on.

It seems as though we may get something close, though, as artists from Pixar will be releasing a new book titled The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, the second art book in a series of four. The book explores the relationships between sex and science, all the while sticking to that familiar old-fashioned tone that usually covers the pages of the Pixar art books released to coincide with their movies. io9.com has a few amazing examples of the pieces that I highly recommend you check out.

This goes to show the level of maturity that Pixar is working at. Imagine if Dreamworks released a book like this. It would undoubtedly be creepy and odd. Instead, we get a few very mature paintings that use animation art in a way that we rarely get to see. These guys don’t make kid movies for adults. They make adult movies for kids. And it’s for this reason that they are able to pull off releasing such a provocative book.