As the theatrical release of Pixar's Brave is just a few weeks away, we might expect to see a bit more of the film in trailers and other promotional videos. Today, that comes in the form of another featurette, which plays like a TV advertisement, much in the way the Freedom Broch compilation album ad did. And just as that amusing video did, this one manages to give us a look at the move in the process.

Pixar's Brave has Kelly Macdonald voicing lead character Merida, a young woman who's living with her family in the Scottish highlands. As we saw in the trailer, young Merida seems dissatisfied with the state of her life and may be looking to change her fate. From what we can tell, this involves a wish of some sort and the involvement of magic. That's where this video comes in. While it's set up like a humorous TV commercial promoting "Witch's Magical Mystery Brew," it actually gives us a look at the witch in the story, and a bit more to speculate on as to the nature of the plot and the direction of Merida's adventure.

Here it is (or you can view it in HD at iTunes).

In case you were wondering, the full fine print in the ad says:
"Side effects may include: Belching, runny nose, excess hair, incoherence, mild rash and increased appetite, which includes an intense craving for trout. Other side effects may occur. Consult with your doctor before taking Witch's Magical Mystery Brew!"

As for what we're shown in the video, I shared a theory once already about the full plot of the film. If you consider theories and speculation to be a form of spoiler, and you're trying to avoid knowing too much about the movie, read no further!

I think it's possible that Merida's wish results in her family being turned into bears. That's mainly based on some of the images we've seen in the trailer and photos, some of which seem to suggest that the bears might not be a threat to Merida, though we do see the big one growling at least once. And there's also the three little bears we've seen which might be her three little brothers. I haven't found anything official out there that confirms this though, so whether or not that proves to be in any way a part of the actual plot remains to be seen. However this video doesn't debunk that theory. It doesn't exactly reinforce it either, but Merida does exclaim, "Why a bear?!" which could be her reaction to whatever spell the witch cast. Just a thought.

In the meantime, it's great to see the witch! Brave arrives in theaters June 22. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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