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Thanks to the recent release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we've spent the last few weeks talking about how good Marvel Studios is as sprinkling little Easter Eggs into their films. But let's not forget: Pixar has been doing similar brilliant work in the same regard for the last 19 years - a.k.a. since they began making feature films. Die hard fans of the studio's animated movies have spent years studying their favorite titles and analyzing them frame by frame, but now Pixar has released an official video highlighting a few of the best ones.

Hosted by Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3 and the co-director of Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 2, the video puts the spotlight on some of the most clever little bonuses featured in Pixar movies. Not only does the Luxo Jr. ball appear in nearly every one of the studio's films, but there are also crossovers between Finding Nemo and Cars, Up and Ratatouille, and much more. It's a fun little video that I recommend checking out, and it's available both above and on Disney Movies Anywhere, the company's new cloud-based digital movies service.

The only real problem with the clip? It's too short! While there are some really cool ones included, what about the fact that the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story is in every Pixar movie, even Brave?

Pixar Easter Egg

You can also see Cars 2's Finn McMissile in Toy Story 3:

Pixar Easter Egg

Toy Story 3's Lotso in Up:

Pixar Easter Egg

And even an Incredibles comic in Finding Nemo:

Pixar Easter Egg

The honest truth is that a video that covers every single Easter Egg in Pixar movies would be very, very long, so perhaps the studio is just breaking them up? Perhaps this video will just be the first in a series that will show off many, many more Pixar Easter Eggs. Just in case they don't ever get around to it, check out the amateur mix below:

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