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It's incredibly rare for the fourth film in a series to match the quality of the original film (hence why most are dead by the third installment). But because fans clamored for it, a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will drop next May and now the film's pre-credit sequence has been revealed.

What's Playing has gotten its hands on a full description of the events that come before Johnny Depp's name flashes across the scene and, like all great stories, it begins with a fisherman. Late one night, while on a fishing vessel, the fisherman sees something beneath the surface. After calling to the ship's captain and pulling the shape out of the water, they discovers that it is the body of an "ancient sailor" who, much to their surprise, is still alive. In the next scene, the captain and his aide bring the sailor to King Ferdinand of Spain. The captain then tells the king that the sailor was once on a crew with Ponce de Leon who had died 200 years earlier. It quickly dawns on Ferdinand that de Leon had discovered the Fountain of Youth and quickly orders the Captain to go find it.

It's a fairly typical beginning, though I am now curious to see how Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Blackbeard become involved with the search. Damn you, Disney. You've sucked me in again.

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