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I present the below video, a new viral video for Prometheus featuring Noomi Rapace, without comment. That's because I refuse to watch it. I'm normally not one of those people who gets worried about trailers and featurettes spoiling movies for me, but the onslaught of information about Prometheus in the last few weeks, and the constant warnings by those who have watched them that they give away too much, have me worried. The appeal of Ridley Scott's new sci-fi movie is that we don't quite know what it's about, and I'd really like to maintain the mystery before it opens on June 8. But of course, I'm usually the one who's curious to learn things no matter the cost, so far be it from me to keep the video from you. Here it is to watch below, if you dare.

You know what's really gotten me set off about spoilers in trailers and featurettes? A key moment shown off in the trailer for The Avengers, when Iron Man is falling through the sky and the Hulk saves him. Without giving away any spoilers-- though, of course, the odds of you not having seen The Avengers at this point are minimal-- that scene has a huge emotional impact in the context of the movie, and it comes as a big surprise unless you've seen it repeated in trailers and TV spots for weeks. Yes, it makes for a great selling point, but it also takes away a distinct pleasure in the surprise of the movie itself.

I have no idea what's in store for Prometheus, and I don't know anyone who's seen it, so who knows if any of these featurettes are as spoilery as they seem. But I'm erring on the side of being surprised, and with just a few weeks to go, I don't think it will be hard to wait. Prometheus finally comes to theaters on June 8, and I for one can't wait to be surprised when I finally step into that theater.


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