The Purge 2 Plot Details Emerge And Are Promptly Beaten To Death

When crafting a sequel to a film whose best scene was its opening montage that had nothing to do with the rest of the movie, one doesn’t have to work that hard to defy audience expectations, as they probably sold them off for popcorn butter. In the case of James DeMonaco’s upcoming The Purge 2, he could just show footage of someone drawing a mean person’s face on an Etch a Sketch and everyone would be just as pleased. Fortunately, the film’s first quasi-synopsis has surfaced from one of its stars, and it sounds like they’re taking the (gulp) franchise in the right direction. Namely out into the world and far away from Max Burkholder’s Charlie Sandin, the dumbest film character of 2013.

Zach Gilford was recently speaking with Fangoria about Fox’s upcoming found footage horror Devil’s Due when he let a few details slip about The Purge 2. And because Gilford’s answer was worded as if the actor’s mouth was currently experiencing a purge of conversational depth, I’ll just paraphrase.

He says the sequel will tackle the subject matter completely opposite from how The Purge handled it. Whereas that film took place in one home and involved one family and one malfunctioning security system, this second entry will occur out in the city where security systems don’t exist. Or something. Gilford said it’s "a war zone where people are just trying to survive." Fangoria hints that more info may be included with their full interview, but I doubt they go any further into the plot.

It only makes sense that the story open up into the outside world, but it’s still something of a mystery how all of these cast members will fit in together. Besides Gilford, the film’s stars include Frank Grillo, Michael K. Williams, Kiele Sanchez, Carmen Ejogo, Zoe Borde, Chad Morgan and the recently cast Keith Stanfield.

Why would all these people be outside of their homes on the most dangerous night of the year? Are they all homeless? Can we expect this movie to be titled The Purge 2: Bum Fights? Maybe they’re just trying to travel through or something. One thing’s for sure: not all of these characters will be making it to the end of the movie. And it better not be the black guy going first, because The Wire’s Omar would not put up with all these fools.

Blumhouse Productions probably isn’t expecting Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones to take in as much as some of the studio’s other megahits. Though its $18 million opening weekend is nothing to sneeze at, it’s only a little more than half of The Purge’s $34 million debut. Will this sequel do worse than a P.A. spinoff, or will it somehow topple its predecessor’s take? You have until June 2- to let us know.

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Nick Venable
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