Is Rain The New Bruce Lee?

Because the whole "Speed Racer as a vehicle to stardom" thing didn't work out, Korean megastar Rain is still best known in the U.S. for his strange rivalry with Stephen Colbert. But he's still trying! He'll be in the upcoming, Wachowski-produced Ninja Assassin, and according to Latino Review, he's also in the running to became the modern day Bruce Lee.

In a planned contemporary remake of the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon-- the new one is titled Awaken the Dragon-- Rain would apparently take on Lee's role of the rogue Shaolin monk tracked by an FBI agent through the world of underground fight clubs. Producer Kurt Sutter would find an established American star to play the agent, but Rain would be the real breakout, presumably following in Lee's footsteps.

Is America ready for Rain? I feel like he's been pegged as the next big thing for years now, and it's finally time for him to go ahead and become an icon already. Kick some ass in the underground, and finally Stephen Colbert will be told.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend