Rant: Jackie Chan Lied To Me

For a four year period, Jackie Chan was beyond cool. He was like an Asian James Dean taking over the film industry one roundhouse kick at a time. I was eleven years old when the first Rush Hour karate chopped its way into my local theater. I saw it twice. Each time I was captivated with Chan’s ninjalike antics and daredevil stunts. For months afterwards, the ballsy actor doing his own stunts was the hot topic of lunchroom conversation in my elementary school. After a year or so, my infatuation began to wane, but I still retained fond memories and admiration for him. Until now.

FilmStalker has picked up a story form CNN in which Chinese stuntman Bruce Law spills the beans on Chan’s lying ways. Apparently, Jackie doesn’t really do all of his stunts. In fact, Lee was on set to step in anytime the action star or the studio felt like it. Betrayed! I feel betrayed. The wounded eleven year old inside me is plotting revenge and cursing all the wasted time and money he devoted to a franchise of lies.

If you’re an actor and you don’t want to do your own stunts, fine. I really don’t care. Honestly, why risk accidentally rupturing a testicle or poking out an eye? But don’t lie to the American public and tell them you did. That just ends with outraged victims who bought your chicanery. Jackie Chan, you built your reputation on deceiving the American public into thinking you were hardcore, reckless, and possibly out of your mind. No one went to see your movies for the below average acting or the awkward banter with Chris Tucker. So, I think I speak for all the wounded grown up kids when I say, we were hoodwinked, and now, we want an apology.

At least, I know Chuck Norris never lied to me.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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