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Ridley Scott Scares Prometheus Crew In Behind The Scenes Clip

As part of his efforts to expand the world of Alien in Prometheus, Ridley Scott utilized cutting edge computer graphics to realize some of the extraordinary creatures and jaw-dropping landscapes he envisioned. But when it came down to capturing the realism of being scared out of your mind by strange alien beasts, he relied on the kind of old school practical effects that made Alien such a lasting classic.

Io9 has unearthed one of the behind the scenes clips from the upcoming Prometheus DVD, and in it you can see Scott prepping to frighten actress Kate Dickie, not for some sort of sadistic set prank, but to capture an honest moment of terror when the snakelike animal bursts forth from Millburn's corpse. Click the image below to link to the clip.

Devoted fans of the franchise will not only recognize the visual parallels of this scene from that of Alien's iconic chestburster scene, but also may remember Scott used a similar directorial device there. In that film, the cast knew that a puppet of the chestbursting alien would pop up from John Hurt's torso, but Scott purposely neglected to tell them it would be accompanied by a spray of fake blood and assorted viscera. As a result, the shock and horror that registers on Veronica Cartwright's face in that unforgettable shot is genuine, and damn effective.

Prometheus will be available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD on October 9, 2012. You can check out a list of its extensive bonus features, or relish in Alien adoration by scoping out an early costume test for the first film's titular terror.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.