Robert Rodriguez has been a fixture at Austin’s increasingly awesome SXSW film festival for years now. Back in 2007 for instance, he set up shop at the Austin Convention Center and conducted a class in Grindhouse 101, before debuting a first look Planet Terror. But nothing he’s ever brought to SXSW has been bigger than this.

He’s bringing Predators.

Directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Rodriguez, Predators is the next chapter in the 80s alien ass-kicking franchise and promises to turn back the clock to a time before the whole thing turned into a series of team-ups with Ridley Scott’s Alien creatures. The movie won’t be officially released until July 7th, which makes it unlikely that Predators is finished yet. So that begs the question: how much of Predators is he bringing? All we can tell you right now is that SXSW’s announcement phrases it this way: “Austin-based filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal will present a “First Look” at their upcoming motion picture Predators, at SXSW on March 12, 2010. “

So where is it? How do you see it? Here’s the details as conveyed to us by SXSW:
The special presentation of Predators will take place at the Alamo Ritz Theater in downtown Austin, at 10:15pm. Doors open at 9:45pm, and the special event is only open to SXSW Badge-holders on a first-come, first-served basis. An audience Q&A follows the unveiling. SXSW Badges are still available for purchase at

So let’s be realistic here. You’re in Austin on Friday, March 12th. You want to see Predators. What are your chances of getting in? Truthfully, pretty slim. While some SXSW theater venues like the Paramount Theater hold large numbers of people, the Alamo Ritz’s audience capacity is pretty miniscule and this is about as high-profile as it gets. It’ll be, without question, the most sought after event of the entire festival and odds are if you want to get in, you’ll have to line up hours and hours, maybe even more than a day in advance. Have no life? Want to devote a lot of time to seeing part of a movie a few months early? Then here's your chance. Line up in front of the Alamo Ritz where drunken 6th street partiers will wander past spilling beer on you, and take your shot. I’ll see you there.

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