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For the last six years we've watched director Robert Zemeckis try and reinvent his career by making films composed entirely of motion-capture characters. While it's hard to deny that it has been an adventurous step into technology filmmaking, the truth is that he left behind an incredible live-action resume that includes entries like Back To The Future, Forrest Gump, and Romancing The Stone. Now, however, he is taking a break from the uncanny valley.

Deadline is reporting that Zemeckis will return to live-action films with Timeless, which will also see him return to the field of time travel for the first time since the completion of the Back to the Future franchise in 1990. Written by Mike Thompson and expected to be a a major tent-pole for Warner Bros., the log line is being kept under wraps.

While I can't say that I hated Zemeckis' mo-cap films, they don't hold a candle to his earlier work and the time travel twist to the story is enough to induce drooling. Is anyone else noticing something strange going on? First Christopher Lloyd signs on to play an eccentric professor in Time. Then comes the announcement that Back To The Future will return to theaters in late October. Now we have this. If I see Michael J. Fox wearing an orange vest tomorrow I may pass out.

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